Standeazy Aqua


Within seconds, Standeazy turns from a 2-D object to a tough and stable 3-D stand able to hold a smartphone in different portrait and landscape angles.

Standeazy is designed to work with models including Samsung, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and older iPhone models, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC, Nokia and most standard smartphone models – it is the perfect phone accessory that fits in your wallet.
No bulky covers and no awkward shapes! Standeazy will convert your phone into a hands-free entertainment machine wherever you are!

You can use our phone stand anywhere – at home, in the office on your desk, on the train or plane – wherever you want to watch something hands-free… Watch TV, movies or YouTube. View photos and slideshows. Use the phone stand as a holder to take photos. Or as a bedside clock. Chat with FaceTime, Skype or other mobile video apps. This is the perfect gift for any smartphone owner.

Mums find it great for entertaining the kids in those crucial moments when a bit of quiet is required on the go – but it’s also a companion at home to ease household chores by allowing you to watch TV or videos hands-free wherever you find a flat surface.

One design per package.


Let your handheld stand on its own two feet! The new Standeazy™ is still the convenient size of a credit card, but made from stronger plastic to support a wider range of smartphone models, e-readers and even mini-tablets, such as the iPad mini.


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